Bio Fertilizer Advantage


Business Soil microorganisms play an important role in the breakdown of organic matter. They not only break down organic matter but also facilitate the interest of plants. Nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus are essential for healthy plant growth. Microorganisms create these plant nutrients that are readily available to plants. microorganisms present in the environment are uncomfortable for high crop yield. to expand microbial activity in the soil, biofertilizers are used. Biofertilizers are formulations that include various microorganisms, primarily microorganisms. usually, they are applied to seeds, seedlings, or the soil. they help plants to better absorb nutrients from the soil. Biofertilizers are opposed to organic and chemical fertilizers.

Biofertilizers do not directly supply nutrients to the soil or plants. Biofertilizers are countless microorganisms and fungi that promote seed germination. advantages of organic fertilizer: it will increase crop yield. It makes plant nutrients such as N, chemical elements, and K simply available to plants. Helps increase seed germination and plant growth. It reduces the use of chemical fertilizers because it facilitates the simple absorption of nutrients by plants. The donation of microorganisms bound in biofertilizers facilitates the organic process in the soil. it is effective because it is less expensive than various chemical fertilizers. Microorganisms such as fungi and microorganisms are often collected in different ways and used in agriculture to fulfill their wishes and functions. it is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It will increase soil fertility by shaping the donation of organic matter in the soil. Aerobic and anaerobic respiration of microorganisms regulates the air in the soil. Improves the feel and texture of the floor.

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